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Technical cleanliness is a question of method

No matter if you unload from a dirty delivery truck or take dirt inside your facility via material handling devices, most receiving areas build up dirt, debris and dust from tires and wheels.

The next set of transport vehicles take the dirt further and deeper into your storage and production areas, resulting in avoidable issues inside your facilities.

Dirt to dust

80% of all dirt in your facility enters from outside on wheels or footwear.

Constant movement soon grinds this dirt into airborne dust, which settles in all parts of your facility.

Through thousands of movements a day, this dirt is continually carried into the plant of forklift trucks, tugger trains & trolleys.

ESD protected areas

ESD access control points provide an ideal threshold for the cleaning of footwear without impeding productivity.

Eliminating dirt & debris from footwear ensures effective grounding at ESD check-points.


Relentless efficiency doesn’t stop their wheels picking up dust!

Guidance can be lost when floor guidance lines become compromised with dirty wheel lines.

Automatically cleaning the wheels of an AGV eliminates dirt being ground into airborne dust.