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Unavoidable Contamination Control Thresholds

Raw Goods In – automatically clean Forklift & Pallet Truck wheels.

Bottling & Canning Production – eliminate unnecessary ingress via wheels & footwear.

Workshop to Production – eliminate the risk of metal or glass transfer.

Goods Out – eliminate dust compromising product/brand.

Hand wash areas

Automatically clean the soles of footwear whilst washing & drying hands.

Create a dirt barrier that employees have to cross before entering production, guaranteeing complete cleaning of footwear.

Clean footwear without the employee downtime of a traditional boot scrubber.

Workshop to production

Eliminate the risk of workshop debris transfer such and metal swarf or glass shards.

Clean both employee footwear and trolley & kart wheels when entering production from ‘dirty’ engineering areas.

Become compliant with BRC 4.7.7 standard.

Changing rooms to production

Eliminate the risk of dirt and debris from employee footwear entering production areas.

Remove all debris from footwear – a build-up of dirt with footwear treads will completely negate anti-slip capabilities.

Debris from production impregnated in footwear becomes a harbour for bacteria when shoes are stored overnight.

Goods in/out

Automatically control dirt and wet ingress from outside the production facility.

Eliminate the risk of slips or near-misses in forklift trucks, improving staff safety.

Capture granular dirt before it is ground into airborne dust & enters production areas.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?