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There’s a grand misconception that recycling is hard work! Frankly, that’s untrue, but there are ways that you can make sure that an office recycling station works in your favour and actively reduces labour, costs and increases productivity.

The truth is that recycling requires minimal maintenance overall, but choosing a highly efficient and built-for-purpose recycling station can make things even easier for you and your workforce in the long term.

Let us introduce you to the Unisort Aspire Office Recycling Bin Station and explain how this low-maintenance, highly effective recycling station can save you time, energy and money on your workplace recycling scheme…

 Long Lasting recycling Station 


Recycling confusion

One of the main reasons for people not recycling in the workplace is due to the inefficiency of a system. (Poor signage, lack of bins…) But when you have a single unit with separate waste streams that are clearly labelled, it makes for a seamless system.

Long gone are the days of throwing all of our waste into one centralised bin. Since we’ve become aware of the damage that waste has caused our environment, we’ve had no choice but to address the global catastrophe by recycling our waste accordingly.

But it doesn’t have to be all hard work and high-maintenance!

Aspire is an all-in-one recycling station that negates any confusion by making your efforts smooth and simple. No longer do employees need to fret over what goes where; with your own personalised choice of waste streams that are tailored to your business needs, you can easily locate and dispose of separate materials with ease.

5w Unisort Aspire Recycling Station


Internal solutions

No one likes changing bin liners. Fact. It’s messy, time consuming and takes you away from far more important (and interesting!) tasks. To add insult to injury, the changing of bin liners can cost businesses time and money with the endless stream of overflowing bags that need emptying, transporting and changing.

Sounds way too much like hard work!

Aspire recycling stations are fitted with the Longopac Continuous Liner System. There’s up to 160m of continuous liner ready for immediate re-lining which takes a mere 20 seconds to change. The liners are always 100% full which means that less time is spent transporting waste around the site, and waste is fully compacted so that less space in your external bins are taken up. This reduces the frequency of your collections and saves you 35% in collection costs.

Read our case study and see for yourself!

It gets better! Say goodbye to flimsy bin liners that tear, and leak waste onto the carpet. The strength of Longopac liners means there’s no need for double bagging or cleaning up from split liners. Hoorah!

The efficiency of Longopac means that maintenance is minimal, and labour costs are reduced by 38%.

Don’t just take our word for it! Read the testimonial!

Overall, you’re looking at significant cost-in-use benefits.


Internal Solutions

Long term investment

There’s no doubting that Government taxes have increased over the past ten years, and many businesses have been exposed to cost increases for waste disposal handling and collections. This doesn’t offer the best incentive to businesses that are looking to do the right thing!

This problem is easily countered with Aspire! When implementing a recycling scheme, your office bin requirements depend largely on your overall waste volume, right? Aspire has a capacity of 60-70L per waste stream, and 1-5 waste streams available. That means you require fewer recycling bins overall, a huge cost saving!

The Aspire bin gives you a high-quality recycling system that looks great, makes recycling easier and more efficient, and vastly reduces waste contamination for almost any budget. The fact that it’s abrasion, impact and scratch resistant also promises longevity; no need to update your worse for wear bins that do little for your business reputation!


What are you waiting for?

No one wants to increase their workload further, particularly when you’re trying to encourage your team to get on board with a recycling scheme. They’ll quickly lose interest and your hard work, money and efforts will be for nothing.

Recycling is both necessary and important for a business, so it’s all about choosing a recycling station that serves as a long-term investment and requires minimal maintenance.


Who are Unisan?

Unisan’s key mission is to empower and support workspace recycling, in any environment. We are continually assisting organisations in achieving their sustainability goals and helping businesses demonstrate their commitment to both the environment and their workforce.

Have we convinced you to introduce recycling solutions to increase recycling rates, engage staff and meet the sustainability goals of your business in your workspace? Hope so! Please reach out to a member of the Unisan team to learn more and we’ll be happy to help.


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